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Sealy Chamber 85th Year AnniversaryShop Sealy

Welcome to the Sealy Chamber of Commerce
located in beautiful Sealy, Texas.

The Sealy Chamber of Commerce believes that a strong, vital community goes hand-in-hand with a strong, vital business environment. By offering a variety of outstanding business programs, the Sealy Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to providing something for everyone. Whether you're a sole proprietor, CEO or an area resident raising a family, the Chamber has resources and programs to meet your needs.

Our Vision: To make Sealy the best choice to live, work, play and prosper.

Our Mission: To promote business prosperity and strengthen the quality of life in our community.

We hope you'll find all the helpful information you need right here on our website,
but please free to call our staff directly at 979-885-3222 for any questions you may have.

Keeping our members informed!


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Bens Chuck Wagon
Golf Tournament Meeting . Banquet Meeting

Sealy Citywide Garage Sale
90 Miles on 90 . I-1o Meeting



Sealy Chamber of Commerce


The Covid-19 Pandemic of March 2020, led to a response that was unforeseen, and for businesses, largely unplanned. The closing of non-essential businesses coupled with shelter in place orders for most citizens has created a crisis environment for our economic well-being. You must decide now how your business will be able to survive this crisis and remain in business. This is different than a simple business continuity plan as the factors that have caused this crisis were out of your control. In this way, the effect that this has had on our business community is very similar to communities coping with large scale natural disaster! Many businesses in those communities were able to bounce back and recover as a result of good self-evaluation and planning. Let’s examine some suggestions for planning our business recovery.
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Open texas Banner

Under the direction of Governor Abbott, with the advice of the Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House, Attorney General, and Texas Comptroller:

The Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas will safely and strategically restart and revitalize all aspects of the Lone Star State—work, school, entertainment, and culture.

Open Texas Checklists

New, In Effect May 31, 2020

New, In Effect May 22, 2020

New, Now in Effect as of May 18, 2020

Effective May 18, 2020

Effective May 8, 2020

Effective May 5, 2020


Click HERE or on the picture below to download the complete April 27 report to OPEN TEXAS - Texans Helping Texans - NOTE: The checklists in this report are no longer current. See the NEW checklists above.

Open Texas Report


Covid 18 mask How to

Manpower Practices

There are few business continuity plans that fully prepared organizations for the broad-stroke impacts of Covid-19. And while organizations responded with varying degrees of success, reaction over proactivity necessarily ruled. Now, as we look to the impending “return to work,” companies are either stepping up and taking highly proactive measures to ensure a safe work environment, or in some cases, pausing to see policy changes or receive specific guidance. The task at hand is not a simple retracing. There is no playbook for the acceleration and transformation we are about to begin.

State Opening Chart

In the U.S., we benefit from observations and lessons learned as countries and economies navigate this path in other regions of the world. Additionally, the universal focus on Covid-19 has fostered an environment of collaboration previously unseen. Putting the best minds together enables resources that share the best thinking on everything from at-home recipe compilations and medical treatments for the virus to practical guides for organizations to have a safe restart. Yet, does that mean everyone is ready? How will we know if we ‘got it right’? And most importantly, what is the cost of not getting it right?
With often contraindicated trends for long-term economic impact and jobs outlook, organizational modeling can be further challenged. Plus, there’s the lack of control with key factors such as stay-at-home orders or additional stimulus packages. Staying informed of these shifting indicators may influence the pace at which organizations move in restarting their business. Ultimately, people must come first for a safe return for the short- and long-term.
Our mission has been and will continue to prioritize health while also ensuring the continued delivery of products and services your customers expect so our economy can continue to function. We are committed to providing up-to-date and proactive strategic support to minimize your business disruption.


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Workforce Solutions




US Chamber of Commerce Center for Disease Control Texas Health and Human Services

SBA TEDC Austin County
  Sealy Texas



Census 2020 Job Opening

We need help in Austin County to get applicants for the 2020 Census taker jobs.
By working for the Census Bureau our community has a special opportunity to help make our community an accurate and complete count. The count happens every 10 years and needs to be as complete and accurate as possible. It helps to determine where $675 Billion dollars can be divided in our nation.

This money helps with:
• Medicaid
• School lunch programs
• Community development grants
• Road and school construction
• Medical services
• Business location


Census 2020 Job Opening

Membership in the Sealy Chamber includes many benefits, including opportunities for web advertising and enhancements to your membership listing. You'll find several pages for more information on becoming a member of the Sealy Chamber.

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